FRIDGE™: Friction Grip Bridging System

FRIDGE™ is the trademark of Friction Grip Bridge system. Fridge is a fixed prosthesis for the patient, but easily removable by the dentist. It takes advantage of precision milled Titanium parts to hold the teeth in by the same principle that has been in use by Bicon ® implants and abutments (castings with substantial added costs, limiting their use by the masses) for decades.

Benefits of the FRIDGE™ system include:

  • It does NOT require any implant level impressions, eliminating all the cost and time associated with this procedure.
  • It does NOT require the Titanium or Zirconium bar to be milled, eliminating a major expense and source of frustration.
  • It almost creates complete passive fit every time.
  • It does not have any access holes to be filled that may complicate the esthetics in the anterior areas and become the weak points in posterior areas.
  • It requires a fraction of the chair time and cost of the screw retained system.

Implants are placed following normal implant protocols. Unlike all-on-4 and similar techniques, only 5mm vertical clearance is necessary for this system.Using the paralleling screws,the implants are placed as parallel as possible. Friction grip abutments are placed and then friction Grip Caps™ and silicon washers are placed over the abutments. Caps are fully seated by mild finger pressure and then ready for pick-up. The prefabricated denture from the model is then tried over the caps to ensure clearance.

A cold cure acrylic is mixed and is loaded into the denture when in its wet sandy stage and smoothed out. The model is then placed over the Friction Grip Caps and closed into occlusion once in dough stage. After setting, it is removed and washed and trimmed for a cleansable finish. It is then polished under the surface.