What Do They Think About the Course?

“Dr. Zadeh is very approachable, very patient and very knowledgable about his subject. I am excited to have an alternative to the expense and complications of a screw-retained appliance. This method fills a big gap between locators and fixed appliances. New technique for providing a great service for the patient.” — Dr. Cam Witt, Basking Ridge, NJ

“Great interaction. Dr. Zadeh engaging teaching allows the audience to come with conclusions and clarify steps before proceeding. This becomes a very clear course from start to finish.”

“Excellent. Very informative and concise.” — Dr. Sheldon Boruchow, PA

“Excellent course. Instructor shows great detail in explaining how to do simple and effective permanent bridges for implant patients. This method will help save patient and dentist thousands of dollars.”

What Do They Think About the Course?

“This was a true learning experience. I’m eternally grateful, the materials covered and learned can be put into practice immediately. Thank you!” — V. Bechtol, DDS

“Dialog was engaging and helpful. Questions were problem based and evidence based.”

“Very good and easy to apply.”

“Very good hands-on workshop”

“Had a lot of experience and offered a lot of tips. Was very helpful and gave me confidence to place implants.”

“It is very informative, educational, especially for new dentists.”

“Great course! Simple, straight-forward and easy to understand.”

“Great introduction for me as a GPR. FRIDGE was very interesting and something I would like to come back to learn more.”

“Great lecturer, made the whole lecture informative and entertaining at the same time.”

“I really enjoyed this class with a small group of people. I will definitely recommend other dentists to attend this class if they want to learn more about implants.”

What Do They Think About the Course?

“Great experience awesome course. Thank you.” — Dr. Patricia Bezad, DDS

“Very knowledgeable speaker. Great presentation.” — Dr. Sako Ohanesian, DDS

“Dr. Zadeh has found or created a prosthetic solution that simplifies and enhances all implant dentistry.” — Dr. Hellickson