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Why are Pouches Superior to Vials for Dental Implant Packaging?

Why Implant Companies Should Choose Pouches over Vials for Dental Implant Packaging
Why vials were used in the past?
Dental implants were first commercialized for the industry by using vials as it was a relatively okay solution to ensure the implants that were sterile and would remain so. Injectable water vials were the first packaging solution for dental implants. Many factories were easily capable of of making injectable water vials due to how inexpensively they could be made as well as being a reliable solution to seal the implants off.
Why did they get replaced by plastic vials?

FRIDGE™: Friction Grip Bridging System

FRIDGE™ is the trademark of Friction Grip Bridge system. Fridge is a fixed prosthesis for the patient, but easily removable by the dentist. It takes advantage of precision milled Titanium parts to hold the teeth in by the same principle that has been in use by Bicon ® implants and abutments (castings with substantial added costs, limiting their use by the masses) for decades.